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HELP!! Questions about puff?

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We have been a long time embroidery shop that has never went out side our box. We are running some "puff" and having problems , lots of thread breakage. We have our presser foot adjusted correctly

What needle should we be using?

What thread?

Any web videos, links to info

We stitch with a brother bas423.

Stitching richardson hats

Thank you in advanced
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When using puff you should use a ball point needle, If on caps I would use a 80/12 needle.

I use a poly thread rather than rayon as there is less thread breaks.

You need to slow the machine down to around 600 spm.

Also the file needs to be created properly for Puff, Density needs increasing to anything between .30-.20mm
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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