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ok so i bought this machine about a year ago with intentions on making shirts for friends and family. I never got around to it until today. I was in the middle of making shirts for my employee's for my store. This is the issue:
1. this machine came with no instructions
2. i turned the machine on and set my temp ( 350f ) and set my timer to let me know when exactly 11seconds have passed.
3. i did 5 shirts and the temp would not go back up to 350f, i don't think anything is wrong but the temp clock ( which i do not know how to set ). the machine is on and it is room temp now, anyone know how to set the temp clock to auto heat up after 3 mins because i have no idea. when i turn it off and then on the numbers that flash are 0,41,then the temp of the room which is 67f.
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