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Help Printing Red on Black

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I have had a problem trying to print red ink on a black shirt. i know I should have most likely used a white underbase but I was trying to save some time and the client some bucks. I wanted to know if there are tips and tricks I could use to get a better result. Right now everything looks more burgundy than anything else.
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I think you have a few options here.......

1. breakdown and use a white underbase(this will give the best results)
2.hit the red multiple time(heavier print....might not be enough)
3.use a high opaque red(better than option 2 )

I agree with Inked to get/use opaque Red.
I tried multiple hits of the red. As many as three actually lost definition but still only got burgundy. One pass might as well be invisible. Well not that bad but close. I used a 160 screen. Would using a 110 and high opacity ink solve this, or should I just throw in the towel and do the underbase?
Doing multiple hits will drive the ink into the fabric instead of resting on top of it.

Proper curing will become an added problem and you will have to adjust your curing schedule accordingly.
What I do for black shirts, if I do not use a underbase, is to spot dry the first print and hit it again before putting it through the dryer it works I do it a lot and the red is bright and pops out at you, try it.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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