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Help Printing FastFilm Seperations

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Can someone please assist me with info on how to print a highlight channel that has been seperated using fastfilms. My process is as follows....

1. In photoshop I created my image in cmyk.
2. Color separated using fastfilms which created my cmyk channels + an underbase & a highlight channel.
3. Sent the files through accurip; accurip printed my cmyk channels with no problems, but highlight or underbase channel. I need the highlight & underbase channels to printed out as well. What am I missing here?

Any & all help is greatly appreciated.
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Not sure of the accurip. Turn off all eyes in the channel thingy except the one you want, print. Do for both. Accurip working for other than this. Are you using inkjet?
Thanks for the reply. I figured it out yesterday morning. Yes I am printing with epson 1400 running thru a rip to get my halftone dots.
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