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help please?

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im new to tshirt design so sorry if this is a stupid question or im in the wrong forum but some tshirts the designs feel slick, as in there is a diffent texture between the feel of the actual shirt and the image. other shirts have the design printed on them and you cannot feel the difference between were the image is and were the normal shirt is, what is the difference technically between the two? someone have an explanation?
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You can feel a hand or texture when it is screen printed, and some heat transfer too. When it is dye sublimated you can not feel any texture. The ink actually dye t-shirt.
discharge printing also feels smooth. This method is basically taking the ink off of the shirt.
Its all in the paper. However the shirts that you purchase at the store or a completely different process than your average desktop printing. Some papers are softer than others while some are slicker than others. You will always be able to feel a transfer but there are things you can do to it during the transferring process to help decrease the hand. Immediately after pressing and removing the paper, you should stretch the transfer while it is still hot and tacky. This will help the transfer set further into the fabric and also prevent future cracking.
The DTG printing does not have the feel to the print unless you use the white ink.
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