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Help please!!

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Every time I try to print on the film positive my printer just pulls the positive all the way through.. I have a epson c120, It says to load paper like the positive is not thick enough or something.Please help

Thank you

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Hello Danny I have a c120 to and it did the same thing. I do not think you can use the film for that printer. Sorry
try putting a sheet of regular paper behind the film, then just yank out the plain paper when it starts to pull in your film
The film will go throught, but nothing will print on it.
your right nothing will print on it. I've tried to look this up but cannot find anything, Most say they have no problems.....Must be nice!!!!
how about sticking a sheet of paper at the back of the film and let them both go through the printer? has any body try that?... might work.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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