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Hey everybody,

I'm new to this screenprinting thing, I purchased 4/2 from a friend (w/chemicals and all).

My problem:

  1. First time using 110 screens, I clean them thoroughly let dry, apply emulsion, let dry thoroughly.
  2. When I got to washout, some of emulsion washes out with design. It is just bold text no detail.
  3. Called manufacturer and they gave me exposure times.
  4. Don't have this problem on the higher mesh screens(230mesh).
Right now, I exposing 230 mesh at 4.5 min.
My 110's I'm exposing at 7 min.

I am using Prochem DXP Dualcure Diazo with a Black Light X-Po Machine through Brown Manufacturing.

Any assistance is greatly appreciated!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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