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Help please, no ink on the t-shirt???

Hi !

I hope that there is a little help for me here..

I have a DTG printer based on a Epson pro 4880 and it have been standing still for 6 month and now i need to get it going again so i put in a new peinthead- 8 new dampers ( not originals)..

The problem is that i can not get any ink in the wastetank after serval heavy cleanings and the printer do not print anything on the t-shirt, can anyone tell me what to do?

looking forward to hear from you.

Best regards,

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I would look at your capping station as being bad or clogged, put some cleaning fluid in it and than do a basic cleaning, than look to see if the cleaning fluid has been forced into the waste tank or if it is still standing in your capping station.
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