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Hello all,

We've got quite an issue at the moment. As I was printing on Tuesday my shirt came out covered in white ink drops. I instantly knew it was an electromagnet (because i have changed so many prior to this occasion) and then I figured before i do, I would double check and turn the value off then on. It clicked...so thats not the problem (cuz it wont click if its bad)

Either way, the maintenance fellow here and myself troubleshot the issue and determined it is the "piston pump assembly" because that electromagnet and solenoid were HOT and all the others were cool. So we overnight it here $225 btw. That piece didn't come with the solenoid itself, so when we changed it, the problem still persists. So we ordered the solenoid $11 (which is puzzlingly cheap to me) and changed it this morning.

STILL did not fix the problem.

So now, I personally have exhausted my insight into solving this issue, and no one will be in the office in Brown Deer until 8 there which is 10 here (its 8:15 here now). So I figured I would see if anyone has any ideas?

Is it possible something is the matter with the pneumatic system itself? But that doesn't make total sense to me considering its only one ink value being effected. Now, once it starts pumping ink ceaselessly, my air lines fill up with ink.

I'm at a loss and would appreciate any and all insight.

Thanks in advance!
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