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Hi all,
I work in pad printing however we use Accurip for our film in the same way as screen.
I've just upgraded to Emerald from Black Pearl (due to a computer upgrade) but I am struggling with the seemingly lack of settings available in emerald.
I need to be able to achieve accurate tones and smooth gradients but even with the finest mesh settings it still seems like larger halftones than BlackPearl produces (with black pearl at lower settings).
r/SCREENPRINTING - Help please! Accurip Upgrade from Black Pearl to Emerald, struggling with settings.
I use an Epson SC405 with all the colour cartridges filled with black ink. The INK tab is locked to mono, so I'm not sure if the settings I'm searching for are in ABI?
It just seems like there is no configuration flexibility in Emerald whatsoever, am I missing something?
Happy to provide setting details and so on if that helps.
Unfortunately no, you're not missing something. They literally changed the entire way things RIP with Emerald, less settings, but the same file printed with older version will not come out the same as newer version, totally unacceptable and they are destroying people's businesses by making them rely on a product for something and then changing it so that all your old jobs are no longer repeatable if you were using the old version. I would stay as far away from that companies products as possible if I were you. This is why I advocate for people to just learn how to do the halftones themselves and output directly to your film printer, especially with the newer black inks, you can't even use all-black in a lot of machines now with Emerald, so you're stuck with 1 black ink and it will print the same or actually better if you just don't use a RIP and do the halftones yourself.

There are no settings you can do to make emerald print the way that the older versions would print your halftones, its insane to me that people will spend their money on the stuff they make, I really could not believe it when I first saw Emerald come out, and I was so happy that I never relied on having the older program make the halftones and settings... there are so many issues with that program. It would routinely cut off the page unless I specified the page to always be an even whole-inch number like if I tried to print 4.5" tall it would cut it at 3.5" or 4" and cut my design off, unless I made it a 5" tall print, lol. I really feel your pain, but I think you should consider doing halftoning direct with your separations and then output with or without a RIP to avoid relying on supposed "industry standard" software that they go an do something like this to the whole industry, it is insane. All these printers out there that were relying on it, pulled the rug out from under them by changing fundamental aspects of it so it doesn't print old jobs the same way, which is scary to say the least.
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