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****help newbie just getting started****

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OK, so I have yet to print or even purchase equipment. I want to start affordable, inexpensive but NOT CHEAP.

someone on here told me to.....

"For a really cheap starting point there are several companies that sell the small $300 heat presses that are 9x12 size - several of which are even swingaway. Then I'd get the Canon 6030 or similar model (HP LaserJet 1109) laser printers that are under $100 and a $50 starter pack of Forever Flex Soft media. So for $450 you are ready to start making highly complex and colorful shirt designs!"

******I dont think I am going to follow the heat press advice. Ive been told bigger the better(at least a 15x15 or 16x20)
****** can I really get away with a printer like that?(the paper size isnt too large)

******* how about that Forever startup kit that he is talking about?

*******Also i hear all this tlk about pigment based ink. When i do buy a printer will i have to buy new ink right away?

Thanks in advance to everyone!!:)
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Pigment ink applies to InkJet printers, not laser printers.

Hurricanes and fires and insane politicians aside, the world will still be here tomorrow, next week, next, month, next year. The best way to save money is to not buy anything until you fully understand the pros and cons of the various options and what they mean to you given your plans, goals, and limitations. Read, learn, ponder. You'll then be able to ask specific questions with specific context, but will also have less need to.

As a rule, I am not a fan of kits. Buy specifically what is best for your scenario, and skip the "filler & fluff" included in kits.
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so you answered one question kind of.....one that i obv didnt really think all the way through before typing(as my brain is cluttered with all of this). good quotes and stuff, but do you have any answers to the other questions? i would greatly appreciate it.

Size of press needed depends on the size of what you intend to press. If you are unsure of what you might end up using it for, I would err on the side of buying larger. But that's me. Maybe saving $400 on a press makes the difference between you getting started or not being able to swing it.

In my opinion (which is all it is), I would not bother with a printer that can only print 8.5" wide. With a black toner laser printer you can do one color transfers (color of the foil/paper). For full color you need a color laser printer, maybe one that can print white (depending on the foil/paper you use). Verify that the toner/brand of printer is compatible with the paper you plan to use, not all are (I don't remember which off hand).

Say more about specifically what you want to be able to do, and you'll get more useful suggestions from folks.

I could tell you exactly what to buy ... if you were me, but you aren't (Vastex 2000HD 4/4, Vastex F1000, 16x20 threadable press, all else DIY built).
Thank you so much. Any more suggestions on what to use? Thank you
Like NoXid said, i wouldnt think about buying a 16x20 heat press if you only but a printer that prints 8.5x14. I would look for a printer that would print 13x19 since you would have a press that it would work on. I purchased a smaller heat press before, and had to upgrade, and am now in the process of trying to find and even better heat press that would be just a little larger. Also think about what you will be designing. As far as start up kits, they can work for you, but i would compare the price to what it would cost to buy what you really need ala carte. The start up kits sometimes send you some really nonsense stuff. When i bought my first start up kit printing press, they sold me an "exposure unit" which consisted of a hologen lamp and a piece of glass. The "dryer" consisted of a heat gun. My first vinyl cutter came with a bunch of different color vinyls that were fine, but they were very small rolls and after pricing things i could of saved by buying my vinyl locally and in the colors i wanted. I hope this gives you some food for thought. Good luck and Aloha.
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Don't want to hijack the thread but have similar questions.

I helped my wife start a decorated apparel company a few years back. I am a graphic designer and do all of that work, she has accounts with all the clothing/premium vendors. We do contract work with a screen printer and emb.

On occasion the screen printer cannot tackle the jobs we need too complex, not in time frame I need. For example I have a a2C job on a poly jacket with a lining. He wont do it . So I am doing it with Stahls and using his heat press.

I have opportunity to but a slightly used HPN 16x20 press for under $100, is it worth it based on above? What exactly am I obligating myself to? I have done a few simple jobs, am I getting myself into trouble?

Again sorry for the hijack.
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