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We purchased all our equipment used from a company going out of business. The previous owner was "suppose" to be helpful... he is not.

Here is what we did to produce our exposure test:

  • We purchased new screens but had some old ones that we reclaimed and decided to use for the exposure test process. They are 110 mesh.
  • We cleaned off the old emulsion using Franmar Strip-e-doo. Prior to coating we used Franmar d-Grease to clean the screens and then let them dry.
  • We used Ulano QX-1 emulsion and a sharp edge coater and coated the screens once front and back.
  • We let them dry for a couple days.
  • We printed out image on inkjet film and affixed it to the screen.
  • We used our 1yr old Lumitron exposure unit and developed the screen as recommended for 1-6 minutes in strips.
  • We washed out the screen and the best "looking" section was around 3 minutes. According to the Lumitron manual, that is inline with what is recommended by them for 110 mesh.
  • We took another coated screen, ran the same test for 3 minutes without "stepping it".
  • Took it to the washout and began washing it out. I should mention, our washout is NOT a powerwash unit but we have a garden hose/nozzle with real decent pressure.
  • I should also mention, my step test image consists of bold block letters, script letters, lines, and block/circle images.
Here is the "problem" I am running into....

  • While washing it out, it started looking pretty decent.
  • Then some smaller areas started pealing off the back (garment) side of the screen.
  • Continue washing, more and more started pealing.
  • I have whole areas that are missing ALL the emulsion or it is hanging "by a thread" off the back.
  • I also have areas that the "center" of letters such as on a B or D, or O are missing but nothing else.
  • And finally I have areas that look perfect even putting the spray directly on the center of, say an O. It is still there.
So my questions are: Where am I going wrong? Is this typically a screen issue, coating issue, exposure issue, washout issue? I am not sure what to attempt to fix.

Because these were older screens and possibly I didn't get everything off or if I screwed up when I coated the screen. I could try one of the new screens which I haven't coated as of yet.

As for exposure... I still may be off on my calculations as well of course all though from what I did and read, it appears to be pretty close.

Finally, to my knowledge the exposure unit is working fine. It has 5 bulbs that come on and run the duration of the time cycle so I can't imagine that is an issue.

Finally washout... I assume a properly done screen, no matter where I put the nozzle, it shouldn't peal off the edges etc. I know most people use a power wash and I doubt I have that kind of pressure although mine is a pretty direct stream. Should I be using a wider angle or hold it farther away?

Any help and suggestions is greatly greatly appreciated. We really really need to start using this equipment and hopefully recouping some of the money we have invested... soon!!


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I use the exact same chemicals and emulsion as you and have had what you have described happen to me quite a few times.

My only suggestion right now would be to try misting the image right when you pull it off the exposure unit. Let it sit for a minute and then try using less pressure on the wash out.

Oh, also try rinsing off the degreaser with water after you use it, if you didnt before.

Let me know if you pinpoint the problem because im still not 100% positive of the cause.

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I wonder if I am "washing out" in properly. When I first spray it, nothing appears. Then I wait 10-20 seconds, hit it again and the image starts ghosting in. Then I hit it again after a delay and the images open up and crisp up. I don't sponge it or rub it or anything like that... just water pressure from a directed spray at about 6-8 inches away.
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