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help needed please newbie

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Hey my names chris,

ive already posted on here but seem to be getting any replies :(....

so im starting my own t shirt business in black and white t shirts, ive decided to go with self weeding for now as my designs are pretty basic.

my question is the printer im looking at buying is a laser A3 OKI c8600, is this a good printer for transfer paper?

it came with ink already so im thinking of using yolo image clip self weeding until ive furthered my knowledge in this business :)

is there any help anyone could give that may be usefull as i want to get this right first time

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I was doing research on the self weeding last year. I don't remember the details off hand but do remember that it only worked with certain printers. Oki was one of them. There was also foil that could be applied to the self weeded prints but required special paper. I would suggest you look up the manufacturer of the paper and see whether it will work with that printer.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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