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Help Needed - MH871 keeps stopping during cut

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I need some serious help and quick, I have orders backed up. My cutter keeps quitting in the middle of a cut, and most of my designs are simple sillhuotte or text cuts. I have tried everything the book says and everything on the uscutter site, including the ground wire. Don't see any reason why it would be lack of ram when I'm only cutting an 11" x 14.5" sheet.

Not only does it do that, but after a few times my computer doesn't even recognize the printer. Its even defaulted my signcut program to where I had to reload it. No I don't have a virus, I just wiped the thing out and reloaded it with only illustrator and signcut.

Please Help.
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Don't know what fixed it...but I brought it into my office from my home office and it works good.
My MH871 started doing the same thing 2 days ago...I can't figure out what is going on! Hopefully mine will have a change of heart like yours!
hi i dont know if this helps you as im very new to this, but i did have the same problem, and i got the answer off this forum somewhere

i hads to ground my vinyl cutter, and also move it away from carpet and put onto wooden floor, i was told its all to do with static, or static build up, i now reset my cutter after nearly all cuts

this maybe no help, and i might get shot down on better members, it just my learning
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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