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help needed from brother pr600 owner

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Could a kind PR600 owner please help out I bought my machine s/h and didnt get any of the hoop embroidery sheets showing the stitch field.
I have managed without them until now and desperatly need them for a multi placement project. of course no one here has any!
Would really appreciate it if some one could measure the stitch field on their hoops (just the outer square) and I am going to try and make it from a laminator sheet.
I have uncessfully tried stitching them, the machine is really struggling to stitch what my screen is saying is within the area!
The ones i need are items 25/26/27 in my owners manual
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The size of the frames are much larger than the actual sewing area on the machine. The machine determines the sewing field based on the actual frame in the machine. I think the frames actually have the sewing field printed on the frame.
i know the stitch field is considerably smaller than the hoops, my hoops only have centre marking points which isnt any help on the stitch field, thats why i need the measurement
Standard hoop sizes are just a tad under 4x4 , 5x7, and 8x12. The tad under comes from the conversion from metric to inches. I've never used those sheets, as the machine will center and tell you if the design will fit. If you want to move the design off center, it will tell you when you are out of the sewing field. For multi-placement designs split by software, the software will give you your placement marks. If you are just combining designs, just poke a hole in the center of the design and use a pencil to mark where you want it on the fabric. One thing that makes placement easier than using those sheets, is to buy a laser that attaches to the pr600. I've never needed one, but know those who have, and they do help.
If you are referring to the plastic sheets that come with the machine with grids marked on them, they are called embroidery sheets in the manual. The part numbers you need are x-large XC5704-051, large XC5721-051, medium XC5759-051 and small XC5761-051.

I don't think we've touched them since we took the machines out of the boxes so I have no clue where they could be hiding.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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