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I'm Zack, an entrepreneur.

For the past few months, I've been outsourcing all my printing orders to a supplier in my country, Singapore, and it pays me quite well.

However, I think that its time I do my own printing. Screen printing equipment and heat presses are quite easily found in Singapore, but wholesaler of blanks always don't come cheap. Without cheap apparels, it would be difficult for me to compete with the other screen printing companies that somehow, or another, imports/manufacture their own apparel.

So help me guys! Do anyone know of a good and cheap wholesaler of plain apparels? Quality can be compromised though, I'm more worried about the pricing.

I know of a wholesaler of apparels in Singapore, their pricings are around S$3 for roundnecks, which comes to be around US$2.20. Should I import bulk blanks from overseas then? Are blanks from overseas cheaper(Including shipping)? Cos' the wholesaler of the apparels in Singapore, IS ALSO THE SCREEN PRINTER! Gawd.

If you guys think I should import, do you know of any wholesaler that might ship to my country, Singapore?

Thanks load guys!
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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