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This is my last try. I promise! I just think this post is getting overlooked. So maybe this one will be the best help.

I am trying to come up with some creative names for some of the intramural teams on my campus. The names need to start with the same letter as the hall they live in. Some of the hall names are Barker, Kresge, Buxton, Picken and Worth. I am also using a color that starts with the same name. Any suggestions are welcome. Anywhere that has a list of names would also be helpful.

People have suggested some & I have thought of a few.
-Picken Noses
-Im WORTH it
-Barker babes and boyz
-Kickin' @ Kresge

The names need to be something both males and females would want to wear.

I think something about "Picken something" would be funny, but I don't know if people would buy that.

Or for Kresge, Killer (something)
I also don't know if Off in... would work in this case.
Maybe big bad barker/buxton (something), or Bad news...

Any suggestions are welcome. Different ideas get spring up even better ideas.

I am in need of a lot of help because I am working with a deadline here.

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