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Help! Need 3 Logos Digitized.

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I have a customer that originally wanted silk screened shirts and now they want them embroidered. I have a local embroidery place but they do not do the best digitizing. I have three logos that I have designed in vector format that I would like to get digitized.

Note: The top font is Impact, and the other two were purchased but I will send in TrueType format along with eps/cdr/etc (whichever vector format you prefer) files.

Please give me a call (870.866.9140) or an email ([email protected]) if you can do this for me and the quote.

Thanks again
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Hello, I can digitize these designs for you. The cost of the first one would be $60. The next two designs will be $55 each.
Thank you,
Larry Poulin
Penny Pockets, Ltd.
[email protected]
I could do them also and the cost would be about the same. ....JB
Is there any reason it would be full cost for both of the second logos as it is simply a text change? I do not do embroidery myself so I don't quite understand the cost on something so small.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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