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Help! My Printhead (picture)

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Hi guys, I've recently been getting some bleeding on my prints, i.e. blues and reds leaking out from the edges of my blacks. I've also been experiencing some banding. So I took a look at my printhead, and this is what I saw:

(the picture was taking with my phone and a flashlight, sorry for the blurriness and glare)

The casing had dry ink galore on it. And the actual head had perfect, visible fingerprint of the capping station. I've cleaned the dry ink off of the metal casing on the right side of the head the best I could, I haven't touched the casing on the left (hopefully the pic is clear enough to see the difference). Note: the gold stripe in the middle of the head is a reflection, apologies.

I know this is a result of maintenance neglect...and I have learned my lesson.
How bad of situation is this, and how would I go about fixing it?

Thanks so much for any feedback.
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Use a lint free paper towel and use Windex w/ ammonia and clean around the edges and very gently the bottom of the printhead.

also w/ a clean lint free Windex paper towel wipe down the encoder strip

the right hand side (waste ink pads) how old are they ? how do they look?

what is your humidity levels? and ink levels??
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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