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Help me with my site please

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I was wondering if anyone could look at my website www.xtremegraphicdesigns.com and give me some advice. I made some changes to hopefully help my search engines. My site still does not show up on google, but I hear it takes time after you submit it.

I am welcome to any ideas so far I have not much traffic.

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Try adding more to your Keywords under the source code and add some Meta Tags on each Page this will Help,
let me know if you have more questions
Hi there,

My first impression,


I like your simple layout, it's clear and easy to identify. You could certainly improve your theme but you are on the right path by using a clear visual approach without the common christmas lights.

On a graphic stand point and keeping it very very simple, make your layout fluid, I have a big screen and your page is only about 50% of the width. Try to review your css and unify your theme, I would not use a bold font for the content text.


Your main menu is not clear, what is your main objective? Do you want to sell your own fashion? do you want to custom print? try to focus. Ink color and check out should go ...


After running my inspector, you have the highest number of error I have ever seen, your site does not validate and the main reason is Javascript related to google. This will affect your google ranking.

It is obvious to me that the website is not professionally conceived and I won't look up into more details such as SEO.


Your website is not different than many others, I believe that you should work on your marketing to improve consistently the average time readers will spend on your website. Try to identify your goal and go for it! Basically, if I don't want to buy any of your pre-made t-shirts, the website lacks interest and I will move on.

Overall, you should ask yourself the following question?

Why do I want a website?

How can I make my website interesting to the point I will get the attention of my audience?
How can I interest my the user?
How can I provoke desire?
How can I lead my customer to take action?

Anyone can achieve a great website if first it is planned accordingly. Don't worry, we have all been there and with a little more work your website will look stunning!

Don't forget to tight your website with a facebook, twitters, etc ...

Good luck
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Thanks for the input. I can see I have a lot of work to do.
I agree it's a simple design, yet it works. It's clean. Bring clarity to the site. The landing page will either keep someone on or make them want to leave. Without a clear concise objective or something catchy, people leave too quickly. Good job on the design...
The last part of Gerald's comments are the key. You are one of a million penquins. As are most tee shops. Many shops do custom, many have a great site, many have wonderful designs...how are you memorable ? If you can't honestly answer that..start there.

I think it will be designs. Create a unique look so when someone says " your name" they get an instant picture or experience in their head.

American Apparel...young trend...or bankrupt

maybe you are ...Spanish designs, Inspirational, stick figures, circus....whatever
You have two different things going on right now and so the site gets confusing. Are you trying to sell pre-made shirts, or are you trying to get local businesses and people to bring their garment printing business to you? Right now your site seems to be leaning toward the latter with an "oh yeah we also have printed t-shirts" thrown in.

I'd say the biggest thing you need to do is decide which way you want to go. If you're selling printing services, that will require one set of keywords and a specific method of marketing. If you're looking to sell printed shirts, that's a different set of keywords and a different method of marketing. So that's the first decision you need to make.

Once you've decided which way you want to go, you need to do some reading and research on keywords. I looked at the source code on your home page. "Hottest" and "coolest" are not keywords that are going to get you anywhere. You want your keywords to be descriptive of your site and your products. Ideally you should also find the ideal mix between too much competition and not enough searches. It does you no good to be, for instance, "top screenprinter in my city" if no one searches for that term. That's where the research comes in. See what's being searched for and how much competition each one generates and then decide which terms you want to pursue.
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Hi Char,

Don't worry, it's a good thing you are able to read all this, it will help you and save you a lot of time. Actually you can realise that yes anybody can design a website but there is a difference between being productive and not being aware of all the dynamics. I guess that's why web designers charge money to do what they do, there is a certain value.

Once you feel your objectives are well assessed and planned, you'll have to research the marketing part. To give you a brief vision of how SEO work and how to develop your marketing, refer to this link:

Top Three Ways to 'Steal' Your Competitors' SEO Keywords

Of course and like everything on internet, they want you to buy a course and I would not do it unless you really want to specialise in SEO, but this website has a range of free very useful resource. I also like the way they introduce their products and it is a great template to develop your marketing.

Have fun!

PS: I'm not associated or affiliated to this company in any way, I just find their content very educative :)
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Thank you so much I have been trying to research on website a lot these last couple of days.
I didn't read any of the above posts...so this may be a repeat.

1) Take the hit counter off your website ASAP. Why? Because your host can give you all that information. And if they can't, add google analytics. That makes your site look like it came from the 90's...IMO. Plus, you don't want people to know how IN-frequently people actually hit your site. Its the whole perception thing...lead people to believe that you are bigger than you really are. You posted this "check out my page thread" on a big message forum and yet I am still only the 306th person to hit your site. I know you are just getting started...but when I come back later tonight and find out I am the 308th person or 315th person...I will know you don't get much traffic.

2) Try not to use a "website building tool"...just looks bad. I get the perception of "run out of the basement of mom and dad's house"...

3) You are "Xtreme Graphic Designs" but the graphic work on your site isn't too "xtreme". You may have the talent, but I don't see it looking at the site. The picture of the blue t-shirt is cute, but integrate that into the background. The white square background screams "I don't have a clue how to use photoshop". But at the same time, you are selling "xtreme graphics". See the contridiction? If you were JUST selling a product...like comic books, or sports jerseys, or something like that, then it would be a big deal. But the point is that the product you are TRYING TO SELL (your graphic talent), is not displayed on your site.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE...do not get offended. You asked for feedback and I am giving it. I used to dabble with web design quite a bit - and I am just giving you honest feedback.

Suggestions for improvement?
Elimanate some of the big white spaces in the content section of your page. Why all the extra spaces?

"Here are some examples of logo designs"... again too much blank white space. Why not make the images a little larger so that we can see what you are trying to promote.

Dump the hotmail and live email accounts!!! It makes you look like hack business owners again. You have the domain name, use it. Even if you have THAT e-mail address dump into your hotmail inbox.

Plus, hotmail and live.com are notorious to slipping into spam inboxes. So if you contact me about my "additional info" inquiry, I may never see your email.

Link all the email addresses. I couldn't have to read what it is, and then retype it. On the contact page, since you copied what looks like a business card, I can't even copy/paste.

"Let Xtreme Graphic Designs customize it now, we offer Free Estimates. "

"Free Estimates" looks like it should be a link, but it doesn't link to anything. Plus, you state "free estimates" but don't show me how to get one. Realize that you are a small fish in a HUGE pond. I don't want to have to hunt to figure anything out. You must guide me through your site. Assume your website visitors are partially brain dead. Make navigation something a moron could do while half asleep. Make sense?

Fix this:

Yes, the link works, but .com is included in the link.

Just my $0.02...
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Wow, great feedback so far. I am looking forward to getting my site far enough along to get the same :)

Don't get overwhelmed -- just keep at it, trying to constantly make small changes in the right direction.

Here are some small things I noticed:

-- spelling error: (sweatshirt, not sweatchirt)
-- logo with white background on header background image is pretty terrible. Pick one or the other. As other have said, the logo does not say "extreme" (to me it says "spongebob" :)
-- the "yeah yeah yeah" and kaleidoscope images are not helping to explain your brand or services. I would eliminate them.
I think I will work on the site tonight. I tried doing some of the fixes per replies and I seem to have made a mess. I took out counter took out my kiddie characters.
but trying to get a solid background I have made a black mess.
(Don't worry I appreciate the comments never would get offeneded)
Can you add a header to the current layout? Work with the black and white graphic that is at the very top (at the moment).

Using your "Xtreme graphic" skills...:p...can you work that into a theme that would flow throughout the page? I think this look would be MUCH better for the biz name. "Xtreme"...doesn't make me think of rainbows, or whatever that old header was.

I like the direction you are heading in now...
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