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I just recently made my selection of a DTG printer. Also, I was considering going with the T-Jet2. www.inkjetgarmentprinters.com has a ton of information on different DTG printers.
What I found is this:
Most of the DTG printers are based on the Epson 2200 printer with the exception of the Brother.
Because of this, most of the printers have the same features / printing ability.
www.inkjetgarmentprinters.com has a lot of different wash tests there which is very helpful.

In the end, I went with the DTG Kiosk through SWF Mesa. I went in for a demo and was just blown away by how easy it is to use the machine.
The guys at Mesa were VERY helpful and told me all the pitfalls to look out for with DTG printing.
The basic machine is around 10k, but I added a few upgrades such as a laser eye (to protect the print head), an auto-repeat switch for automatically printing 2 passes and of course the white ink upgrade.
I also added a few extras such as 2 more Adult Shirt Platens, Pocket Platens, Small shirt Platens, sleeve platens and an extra print head.
This machine can also print on non-textiles such as ceramic tiles, wood and mouse pads, etc. Very cool.

In the end it was just under 14k, but I got a lot more than I would have with the T-Jet2.

Oh, also during the demo, printing with white ink on black / dark garments was de-mystified. It's about 2 extra steps for printing white on dark shirts.
1. Spray the pre-treatment on the shirt and heat press for 20 seconds.
2. Create a highlight layer for the white in your photo editing software such as photoshop.

Hope this helps,
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