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Help me navigate through BASES

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plastisol manual printer here and looking to transition to water based ink printing.

I'm confused by all the different bases available out there.
Clear base, matte base, discharge base, discharge WHITE base, stretch base, and more that I can't even keep track of.

I'm looking to get concentrated pigments and mixing the ink by adding it to a base, but I don't know which base to use.

For light garments, it seems like "Clear base" would work, but what is "matte base"?
For dark garments, discharge? ok - i've done discharge. Pigment + discharge base + discharge activator right? But then what's "discharge WHITE base"?

I'm also looking to do some waterbased process 4-color printing but I'm noticing that there aren't any "Cyan", "Magenta" inks... do I just get "blue" and "rose" or whatever comes close?

In plastisol printing, I get that you lay down white plastisol underbase on dark shirts. What's the process with WB? discharge base and then lay down color? Or add color with discharge all at once? or lay down a WB white ink underbase first?

Thanks in advance.
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Here is my experience with some of the water based ink bases, which I purchased from Ryonet. I had to call them to get help on these. I hope other people can address more of your questions.

1. I found that the Matsui Matte base has white pigment in it that dilutes the colors. So trying to make red ink to print on light fabric by adding 10% PC pigment actually gives you a pink-ish ink. The tech person said that if I want a true red, I should use clear base. (I don't know what matte base is for--maybe pastels??)

2. Discharge white: I have tried to print a bright white on black T with regular discharge base, activator, and PC white pigment at 10%. What happens is that the white pigment washes out no matter what cure you do. I was told by the tech at Ryonet that if I want a bright white on a dark garment, I need to use "discharge white". I haven't yet tried the discharge white.

3. Discharge base: this has worked very well for me when printing a teal or blue color on a black T shirt. (see attached). I used discharge base, activator, and 10% PC pigments to prepare the ink. However, using discharge base, + activator + red PC pigment on a dark T shirt was not as nice; the red color faded. Apparently red is difficult. The Ryonet tech person advised me to reduce the amount (percentage) of activator added to discharge base when making your discharge red ink. (I have not yet tried again but will test 3% activator next time).


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