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Help me narrow down my best t-shirt choice!

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Hey there! I was hoping some of you really knowledgable people out there can help me narrow down which blank t-shirt is right for me. I am looking for a super soft material (I am assuming combed ringspun cotton), where the neck is not too wide, and the sleeves hit about mid arm, not all the way down to the elbow. It can be a men's or unisex shirt. I also would like it to drape nicely. I am unsure about the weight...I am going for a high end look, but I am not sure if that necessarily means a heavier shirt??? Also, I am thinking of going for the "vintage" look, so shirts with that type of coloring (not sure if that is pigment dyed?) and that screenprint well. Not sure if this shirt exists, or if I am just dreaming:rolleyes:. Too many choices, with too little knowledge! Can anybody please give me some helpful info? Thanks!!!:D
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Well you are looking for combed ringspun cotton. Pignemt dyed shirts will give you the vintage look you are considering. I think Chouinard (or something close to that) makes some nice ones in quite a few colors. Another option is that some manufactures actually do "vintage washed" shirts. Bare apparel, continental apparel, and alternative apparel come immediately to mind. The only way to tell for sure is to order some and check for yourself. The best is very subjective in these cases.
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