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Help Me Design The Perfect Simple MH Exposure Unit

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I'm going to build a metal halide exposure unit and I see people asking for plans for them a lot, so I figured I'd try to design a very all-purpose and simple to build unit that will take the guess-work and research out of it. Once I build it, I'll put together a good PDF with diagrams and pictures. Below is what I've come up with so far.

I made the top 29"x42" to accommodate up to 25x36 frames, and also two 20"x24" frames at the same time. I envision the light being adjustable up and down by using a corner bracket and some flat steel that can be bolted in any position.

I'm thinking of adjusting the sliding shutter to make room for a fluorescent UV safe light up top.

I originally intended to have a shutter inside that could be rotated open or closed with a handle on the outside. I may still do that, but a drawer style seemed simpler and potentially more reliable.

I'm planning a vacuum top too, but haven't yet modeled that. I'm thinking a 2x2 frame with either neoprene or a pond liner.

All the wood is common stuff and no ripping or tricky cuts should be necessary. 3/8 plywood, 2x4s, a couple of 2x2s, and some 1x4s.

So what do you think? Any glaring errors I've made? Any suggestions?


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I see a fan for exhaust, do you also have an intake hole? Also, make sure that bracket you have for the light is strong enough so that after time it doesn't get "limp".
Thanks outbreak. Yeah, I'd have a hole on the opposite side for intake. I'm not sure yet exactly how the bracket to hold the light will work. I think I need to just order one and see what it's like when I get it.
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