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Hello All

I have a 1 color screen-printed T-Shirt that says “I Built It!” on the front chest/pocket. The print is about 3.5 in. Several of my clients asked me if I could personalize the shirt by adding an 8 digits number below the “I Built It!” line (it’s their serial #, and no there are not inmates :)).

I did some research and came up on the "Silhouette Cameo" vinyl cutter. The price is right and it seems to be doing a good job. I don’t have that many custom jobs to do, about 10 per week.

So my ideal solution will be to use the Cameo to cut vinyl and then use a home iron to heat the numbers to set them on the T-shirt.

• What do you think of my solution?
• Is it doable?
• Is the Cameo is a good machine? (for the little $$$ spend of course)?
• What kind of vinyl should I buy? Any particular type?
• Would I be able to use a home iron to heat the vinyl?

I know you’ll be good advices, do not hesitate to kind of guide me ‘cause I don’t know anything about vinyl/cutter. It’s all new for me :confused:.

Thanks guys,


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Enduratex makes a vinyl specifically for iron-on instead of heat press application. I bought a few tiny rolls but I have yet to use it.

You may want to try to find some kind of review about how small a font you can get out of the Silhouette, since it's a craft cutter not intended for serious professional use. I use a modified Cricut for my vinyl work right now since I got it for next to nothing and was able to buy the override software to use it as a cutter before they were all shut down. I am actually impressed on how well it works for contour cutting decals and such, but the software chokes on fonts smaller than 1" or so.

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I'm starting out and using a Cameo for my work.
One of the designs I'm doing has some very tiny detail - similar to a needle shape about 1mm wide and 3mm long.
Surprisingly, the Cameo is able to cut that out and it stays on the backing sheet too!
I'll try to upload the image when I get hold of my camera.

So, in terms of cutting shouldn't be a problem with the Cameo.
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