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Help installing the profiles for new cobra ink wf1100 on a macbook pro

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hello to all,
this is my first post i know.. but after alot of reading and alot of time considering the choices of all the inkjets out there i decided to go with the wf1100 with the cobra ink cis (pigment inks installed).the initial setup was quite simple as far as just getting the printer to print. i even used a sample of some "avery papers i picked up from walmart know crappy but it didnt come out to bad. as far as the print and transfer and that was using a iron(i know i know not a good choice) but i just wanted to test it out and , it left a bit whiteish of boreder around the image after i just cut the paper down around what i printed. im thinking it did this bc the low quality of paper and not using a heat press . but i will be ordering Jpss paper and will be ordering a heat press within this week.
THE question i have is when im printing color images other than black vectors it seems that the color is somewhat dull and not as bright as on my mac. i am using adobe illustrator CS5 and have tryed to install the profiles off cobrainks.com but when i try and download it . the download comes up as "a dye package" ..i tryed contacting corbainks today but i think they were closed or somthing i couldnt get ahold of anyone . any body with experience with this printer and a mac pro please please throw me some advice on getting this little bug worked out. and also i have read that the inks change color when pressed because of the "gases released" could this be the reason the images look dull on normal printer paper ?.and with out the press i know that the matierals most likely didnt heat up evenly
thanks much
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