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HELP.. i'm new and confused!

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Hi everyone. My name is Lindsay. My husband is a photographer, and well, i do everything else.

I came here because I am despirately seeking help and guidance on printing my own items for sale. He does a lot of pet photography, and i know that i'm not really talking about t-shirts, but they buy LOTS of mousepads, mugs, and other crap with their animals on them.

i tried to figure out a good order fullfillment place, but because we usually only print one or two of each image, there is not much that can help us. So we want to do it ourselves.

This is where i am lost. I did some research, and the more i learned, the more confused i became.. So I am hoping some of you pros can point me in the right direction..

I know this is the place for intros, but this is just a little about my confusion..

I want to print and heat press from home (i have a shop but would rather do it from home) and i have NO IDEA what kind of printer i need, where to buy the press from (the prices are ALL OVER THE PLACE) and most confusing thing is the paper i need!!!

The main thing we will be printing is mugs, but i want the opportunity to print other items.. Small items. Novelty stuff.. basiaclly, whatever i do will be everyday use stuff and we will need it to be durable. I am getting conflicting info about water slide, vinyl, rub on.. I"M SO CONFUSED!!!

Oh yea.. and i'm 26, married, 6 cats 1 dog.. small house. Lots of fur.
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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