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HELP! Glitter Heat Transfers

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Hi I am in need of a glitter heat transfer vinyl to put on a football jersey. I have found so many products that my head is spinning and I don't have time to wait for samples since football season is so short. Can someone please tell me if they have used any of these?? I want it to look professional but blingy. Not like I bought some iron on letters at the craft store.

Deco sparkle, Thermo metallic flake, glitterflex, EZ cut glitter, Videoflex glitter, Spectraglitz. Or if you know of a better one not listed.

Something that is beautiful, almost looks screen printed or hand glittered but is washable and easy to cut on a plotter.

I've got a bunch of mom's counting on me and I just can't afford to buy something that isn't going to work. I'm desperate!!
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Phone Stahls/Imprintables and they will help you out.....They have the largest selection of materials there is...
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