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Help Getting started with unique, sexy T-shirt line!!

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Hello Fellow T-shirters. So. I need help (BADLY) with what to do to make my t-shirt shop a success.

Here is my shirt shop:


Right now, as you can see, I only have two shirts on my Etsy site but my plan is to put out one shirt a week and promote it for that week.

After the week of promotion I will take the promotion down (unless it does well, IE: makes more $ then I spend, in which case I will keep it going indefinitely). Then the next week I will promote the next shirt. I buy/order 1 PHYSICAL shirt to model. The rest I do NOT want to have inventory on.

I want to just have it so I have my lil Etsy shop and I can have a really awesome place that does the actual manufacturing, print the design I give them on the shirt, do a mock up (preferably), and send it to the address it needs to go to. Why is this so hard to do? :(

My problem now: tried to do this with an LA based company and they took FOREVER (over 2 weeks) to complete one fricken order. I was sooooo frustrated. The dude said the problem was that my order was small (1 shirt) verses all of the bigger orders he has.

I don't want to have any inventory. I don't want to buy in bulk. I just want to be the in-between. If that means that I make a smaller profit, I'm okay with that. I just need to make more sales so I can come out on top! I have celebrities in mind that I would send some witty t-shirts too in the hope that they can wear it and I can.

I have MANY ideas. My shirts are feminist, sassy, fun, sexy as hell, and they make a statement. I am willing to do anything it takes to make them a success but it's the foundation where I'm floundering--big time. I have the drive to come up with the ideas, getting DesignCrowd to do the design, model it, and promote it for a week but....

WHERE can I go to do just single orders, make a big enough profit, etc.? WHO do you guys recommend to get the job done?????????


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Search this site. There is an abundance of information regarding print on demand companies.

If you are not doing the production yourself, you need to use a third party that is approved by Etsy, or get whatever printer you use approved by Etsy. Etsy started off as Handcrafted items and Vintage items. They still make some pretense of that, but there is now a process to outsource your production. (apologies if you are already aware of this)

That said, your plan of listing a shirt for a week and then taking it down is insanity :p

Internet sales work on search, and search works on SEO, and that means your item damn well better be there at the other end of the Google search results when a would-be customer clicks on it. And people often go "browsing" for gift ideas, bookmarking potential finds and returning to the best ones once they have narrowed down their choices. Will your item still be there when they come back? It costs $0.20 to list an item for 90 days. Use every day you paid for.
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