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:confused:a question: who can tell me that: is the fabric weight 5oz means 5oz per square yard, or not? what is the difference with the GSM (g/square metre)?
if any one knows pls feel free to tell me ,tks very much.

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GSM is grams per square meter

So if a shirt is 5oz it is 142 gsm

Basically 1 oz is equal to 28.35 grams and that is how you get your calculation

If someone says they have a 200gsm and you want to know the oz just divide by 28.35 which is 7 oz

Hope this helps
Actually this is kind of tricky, 1oz. does equal 28.95g., but 1 meter does not equal 1 yard....

To get the proper conversion you need to take into account that 1 meter equals 1.09 yards....

Here is how to convert oz/yard2 to g/m2

1oz/yard2 = 33.9g/m2
1g/m2 = 1oz/yard2 / 33.9

33.9 x oz = weight (gsm)

So a 5oz. t-shirt actually weighs 170g.
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