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hello everyone,I'm new to this so I'll try to keep it short.I've printed on polyester before.with verying results most of the time nothing to bad,just got done doing some motocross jerseys with nothing more than a nice creamy white,much like
rutlands magic white w/ an ap
black overlay,looked great with minimun bleeding.later we recived a small order from a very good customer for 20+ pair of warm
up shorts and shirts for a girls soft ball team,all nike,all expensive,all poly.to get the best results possible we orderd specailty ink made speificly for printing on polyester,the called it "athletic" ink,any way seeing as it was our 1st time using it+the fact that poly is such a temp sensitve fabric we took every precaution,measured the overn temp,all that stuff,they looked great,stayed in the shop for about a weekbefore being piked up still looked great,customer e mailed us to tell us how great theylooked,better than where that had gone before the started using us.Now about 2 weeks later they came back because the ink had bleed in spots,but it took it 2 1/2 weeks to do so.and the pair they brought back had not been washed or worn.temp was at about 305-310 in oven. but job was set up as an overlay.now about 20+ 80$ warm up uniforms are ruined,is there anybody who knows what happend.I've never seen anything quite like it before.worked for a major athletic apperal company for a while and never incounterd any thing like this.does this sound like somthing anybody else has incounterd?I would be greatful for any advise or ideas.Thanks
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