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Help for a newbie interested in starting a small business

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Hi everyone,

I am currently still a student studying, but my friend and I are keen to start a small start up selling customised laptop sleeves and perhaps other stuff too if we could think of any feasible ones.

I have a very limited budget for the machinery. probably <1500 USD

I've been looking around and getting really tempting offers for heat presses made in China but I've heard about how bad the quality are and all.

I'm looking for a swing heat press around the size 16" x 20", as this will be ideal for my laptop sleeves which could be anywhere from 10-17"

Is there anywhere I can find any? I live in Singapore by the way.

Are there any advices the community can give me? Not just on the heatpress, but other stuff such as where I can get my sleeves supplies from. I looked around and found conde and all but the prices are quite steep.

And are there any good sublimation printers to recommend for a boy on a tight budget? I think I would need an A3 printer.

Help deeply appreciated. Thanks everyone and have a great weekend:)
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Hi I'm sorry if i posted in the wrong section! my apologies
I can't help you with finding a heat press in Singapore. I couldn't even figure out how to get back to it after spending a few days in JB so we literally walked across the bridge, went through immigration and then caught a cab. The border people warned us it wasn't something we should try again.:D

Be sure to really go over your business plan and be skeptical. Consider how many you'll have to sell at what price to just break even. Then consider your licensing, website, electricity, etc. costs too. Like I said before, I have zero idea about sourcing in Singapore but if available I'd look for a used name brand heat press. Something that's 16x20 and a swinger would be awesome. I have a shuttle and I can't imagine working on a clam because there's no room to do anything on them.

Something else to consider is what are you going to be pressing on them? Custom logos, vinyl, stock transfers? Some people have lots of luck with stock transfers, but I have a HARD time selling them. People always seem to want what you can't do. There's like a law for that or something so every time that happens I try and learn what they want and try and offer it for the next time. Also, how many different sizes would you have to carry for a custom looking fit?

Good luck with your business. Just try and keep an open and honest mind about your business. Sometimes it's better to just bank the $1500 and wait. There's nothing worse than spending everything you've got and having to limp out of the starting gate needing a few more things and not being able to even purchase your product you are selling.
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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