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hi, i have been looking for the longest for soem good quality tall t's online

i live in london and they dont sell them out here

but i work in houston half the year so i normally get them there

i am looking for




these are brands i have shirts of and i think the quality is good..but i cant find them anywhere online. i see so many others btu i dont kno if they are as good or even better quality.

IF you have other thoughs about these shirts or can maybe suggest a better shirt then these two brands i am very much open to suggestions.

and a place to find them would be a great help

thanks so much in advance.

hi i have been trying to find some good quality tall t shirts. for the longest while online.

im based in london and we dont get them here, but i work

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Hey there, here's a thread that should help you source the JOHN SON tall tees:

Not sure about the other ones though. Maybe another member has some info?

If you have the t-shirts in your possession, you can look in the neckline label of the shirt at the RN number and that can help you track down who makes it.
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