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Hello everyone,

Does anyone know what kind of blank most closely fits the following description:

- "Fashion fit", but without those rediculous short sleeves that ride up the wearer's arms like American Apparel. Those only look good on muscular men, not skinny hipsters or the average guy, imo. I desire shirts with sleeves that end at or right above the elbow, but are not flared out.

- A very strong collar that won't get stretched out, which is the hallmark of cheap shirts.

- thick, quality cloth - i want my clothing line to be high-end (please no OT comments trying to talk some sense into me!) and if customers are going to be paying a pretty penny for my shirts, I don't want the shirts to feel cheap.

- minimal shrinkage

-as affordable as possible :eek:

I know there may not be a shirt that matches exactly what I'm looking for, but if you know of something close, please let me know. The bullet points are listed in order of importance.

Thanks to all who can help
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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