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Check this thread for some recommend image sizes:

What would you all recommend as the standard size for the artwork that I provide my screenprinter?
My suggestion would be to ask your screen printer about this. They probably have done 1000's of similar print jobs and will have suggestions for you on what image size to use for ladies tees and kids tees. They will also tell you exactly what size and format image to send. If you have a vector image file, then the size won't matter.

I've often said, working with your screen printer is like nuturing any good relationship or marraige. Communication is the key :) Ask them about everything. What works for one screen printer may not work for others. Get to know if you can trust their recommendations. See how thick their ink coverage is. See what they expect you to bring to the relationship. Know what you want out of the relationship :)

On a recent print job I sent to my screen printer I had toddler size t-shirts all the way up to 3XL tees and I knew I could trust my screen printer to automatically create screens that looked good on all the different t-shirts.

On a side note, sometimes when I'm trying to figure out how big I want a design on a t-shirt, I like to pull out the old trusty wooden ruler and hold it up to a tee.
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