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Help Choosing the Right Heat Transfer Paper

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Hi everyone,

Here's am example of my work:

[removed links with popups]

I've been using Avery Dark Fabric T-Shirt Transfers #3279. Walmart pulls through with the lowest price I could find at $9.99 for a pack of 5.

I am extremely happy with the quality of the transfers; however, the problem is that I'm not always lucky enough to catch them in stock at Walmart and they sell for up to $17.99 on the web.

Does anyone know of some of the better transfer companies as far as quality and price? Or, where I can pick up the Averys in bulk. I liked their rubbery, thin, flexibility once off backing. OR, perhaps someone has a different solution?
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Re: Help Choosing the Right Heat Transfer

Also, wanted to mention that I've tried 2 others and they seemed really thick even without the backing paper. The result being that the shirt felt like it had something heavy hanging on the front of it plus they required more pressure, work to adhere.

Like I said, the Averys were thin, rubbery and flexible and, in my opinion, meshed with the shirt very well which lead to longevity of the product.

Thanks again!
Kurt, don't know much about transfer paper, but it seems to me people would have to know what kind of printer you were using and the dyes before they could give an educated opinon.
whatever site you are using has a bunch of popups that come with it:mad:
Kurt, if you're serious about doing this then why are you buying transfers at a retail store. We the professional buy our transfers from suppliers to the industry. Go to link I placed. Your average transfer paper for light or darks is well under $1.00 a sheet. And yes you have a lot of pop ups on your site. Lou

Jeez, I had no idea about the pop-ups. I apologize.

Well, I'm using an Epson Photo Inkjet R200 and I started out buying the Avery transfers retail because it was just a hobbie. But, like I said previously, I've tried other places on the web since and I've yet to find ones that compare to the Averys.

The thin, flexible, rubbery lightweight consistency I got from them was/is prefferable and also like I said, I felt they "meshed" or adhered to the shirt better. All the others seemed "heavy" and hung off of the shirt

I guess I'm looking for opinions from others on brands they've tried so I don't just keep buying new brands and continue to get disappointed.

Maybe there are different types of opaque heat transfers that I'm unaware of. Are there? Let's try those links to my work again:
Avery makes great opaque transfers... if its working for you, go with it. $ 2 for good quality transfer paper is not too much to pay really.

you can always contact Avery directly and tell them how much you like it ....who knows, they may hook you up on bulk purchases. :D
they may hook you up on bulk purchases.
I doubt it why even go there. it is just as easy to go to a supplier. I feel that if you are going to get into this then buy wholesale. Remember when you buy retail you pay sales tax on top of that. I mean $1.00 is a dollar. Check out www.Newmilfordphoto.com and ask about there sample packs. I pay an average of 75 cents a sheet for opaque transfers.
dood! you made those with an epson 200 (my printer!) and avery dark transfers??

they look really great! exactly what I've been wanting to do!


so did you spend some time cutting them out carefully?

how would white look?

how does the black look as compared to the black on the shirt (ie: if i had some white text that i wanted printed would i just cut a box around the text.)

I'm going to pick up some today...any tips re: cutting/ironing etc.

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Just to let you know, i have been purchasing my transfer paper from www.visual-color.com they have been very helpful and they're prices are very reasonable. they have a very similiar paper to new milford iron all with better service(at least in my experience). good luck:)
Drew, you may be right about the service for now. One thing about the prices is the shipping cost make the paper higher for me. As for as new Milford paper goes I know the John may be having a stressful time right now as his mother is very ill. I know I had problems with them mailing me some items. However I would go with TLM over Visual. The Mira cool is the same paper.
Nice thread
I, like Lou, have been using both the Milford and the Miracool - they seem to be the same process although the Miracool has a itty-bitty mark on the non-print side, helps me avoid mistakes in paper loading. I am trying the New Milford light color paper and have, so far, been happy with it. Doesn't fade quite as much in the first wash like Iron-All/Miracool, but does have more of a hand than either of the others. I have also taken to peeling the IronAll right on the press, more of the ink and the "powder" seems to stay with the shirt rather than sticking to the sheet. Also, pre-heating the shirts for about 4 seconds and pressing at 380 degrees for 26 seconds - a bit hotter and longer than the IronAll calls for, but it is working for us. I haven't been trying any opaques for dark yet, any more suggestions? New Milford says that a dark version of IronAll is in the works, that'd be truly great!
Sci Fi Bri
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