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I'm getting into moving jersey lettering/logo operations from outsource to in-house. I'm just not sure which system is right for me. I'm stuck between the following:
  • Roland GX-24
  • Roland BN-20
  • Ioline 100
  • Ioline 300
  • Ioline 350HF

I want to be able to cut both CAD CUT heat transfers and twill, while also layering multiple colors of both easily. So my questions are:

  1. What are the pros and cons of each?
  2. Are any of the Ioline any better than the BN-20?
  3. Can you do kisscut on the Roland BN-20?
  4. How great is the Roland BN-20's colors? Is it good enough for sports lettering purposes?
  5. Have any of you ever financed or leased with Ioline or Roland? What were your experiences?

Thank you so much!

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I own 3 bn20s in three diffferent retail shops. Yes. It does kiss cut. The colours are good, but it ultimately depends on the type of inks and media you're using. I do tshirts, polo shirt, sports apparel etc. Generally bn20 is a workhorse and very easy to maintain. But if you were to do small letterings, then it might be difficult to weed the graphics. If you are going to do single colour lettering i suggest you do use plotters. But if you are going to do sponsors, colourful graphics. Then bn 20 os a good option. I dont know anything about loline.

on top of the bn 20s im using, i also own plotters from mimaki.

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