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HELP!! Beginner..Is this a good idea?

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I am new. I have YET to EVER print a shirt and I am just starting to purchase equipment.

I saw this 2002 Stahls Hotronix Hot Ones Heat Press 15x15" on craigslist.

IS this something i should consider?

Couldnt figure out how to post pictures so here is the link. thanks in advance guys!!

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Hotronix is a great heat press. If it is used, I would check it out in person, and be sure it maintains temp by using a temperature gun (you will need one to monitor your heat press anyway, so go ahead and get one).
Also, would suggest considering a Fusion with interchangeable platens so you can easier press all sizes of items. I started out with a cheaper press (not Hotronix) in the size you are looking at, and when I was able to upgrade to a Fusion I couldn't believe how indispensable it quickly became. I wished I had bit the bullet and gotten one sooner.

Your mileage may vary.

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Thank you. They just live almost 2 hours away just to check it out unfortunately
Thank you again. When did u start? Is it a business? Still going?

I agree with previous poster, you need to check it out and make sure it works...They make great heat presses but you never know how it was treated, and driving a couple of hours ( and you will have to pick it up anyway ) to make sure it works and is in good shape just makes common sense, and good luck in the business:D

you will need a 20amp circuit for this press
a 15amp circuit is supposed to be max 80% (1440 watts) for code here

bring a kill-a-watt meter with you and test it, it may not even reach the 1750 watts
someone replied to me on here....

"For a really cheap starting point there are several companies that sell the small $300 heat presses that are 9x12 size - several of which are even swingaway. Then I'd get the Canon 6030 or similar model (HP LaserJet 1109) laser printers that are under $100 and a $50 starter pack of Forever Flex Soft media. So for $450 you are ready to start making highly complex and colorful shirt designs!"

I dont thinkI am going to follow the heat press advice, but can I really get away with a printer like that? how about that Forever startup kit that he is talking about?
that stahls looks like a good press, but if you want a decent-cheap new press,
i would consider sending a pm to proworlded here and pick his brain
(he is a supplier in the usa, but seems honest and helpful in his posts here)

a 15"x15" is a good starting press (that is all i use, and can do up to 2-xl with the right design),
but if you think you would be doing larger than xl regularly then maybe a 16"x20"
definitely not a 9"x12", unless you only want to to kids and left chest logos

check out the laser sections for info on different printers or papers
there is some good advice/posters in there

i can't comment specifically about that set-up or that paper (as i've never done laser),
but i have been in that section of the forum many times, and i would start asking about a specific printer i found
and whether it was compatible with neenah's image clip light paper
(it is only for light tee's, but for a start-up laser system i would want a firm foundation, then build upon that later)
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