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Hi All,

Im hoping someone can help me, we recently purchased a DTG Printer from China (Epson 1900) and it came with AcroRIP software (version 7)

To date we have been unable to install it successfully. The best we can do is install, but the program wont open.

The supplier keeps telling us that it must be our computer, but we have tried every possible variation
Windows 7
Windows XP

The supplier has even remotely accessed our computer with teamviewer and they themselves cannot install either - but are unable to figure out why.

At a loss now because printing white onto dark surfaces is a primary objective for us.

Does anyone have any suggestions / advice?

Is it possible that the software is not genuine - hence the issues?

Should I purchase AcroRIP from elsewhere??

Or is there another software for printing white onto dark - which is tried and tested and sure to work??

Many thanks in advance for any advice or suggestions

You try to install Microsoft Common Runtime Library
41 - 41 of 41 Posts