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Help/advice needed

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Hi everyone.Please forgive me if this post sounds stupid but im a beginner!!Basically i would like to start my own clothing line but all i have at the moments are the designs in my head! And im not a great artist!Is it best to do everything seperatly or Is there anyone/anywhere that provides the whole package of t-shirt/printing/labels etc?I will be focusing mainly on high quality tee's and polo's.Thanks for any help or advice you can provide.

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Hi Alex, in order to get your desgin onto garmnet which ever route you choose, transfer,DTG , screenprint or other you will have to get the images onto a pc , then you can email them to printers and get quotes depending on how many you need to print , hope this helps
Thanks for the reply Dave.Do people use the printers that you often see advertised on the high street(usually offering stag/hen do stuf etc etc)or other options?Thanks again.
how many do you want to print ? and how many colours are in the desgin , what garments do you want to print as well ...let me know and i may be able to point you in the direction of some printers
Now you got more and more choices (techniques of transfer, printing...) ,all is about how big is Your budget,
You need couple K tho get to basic !

Regards !
Hi Dave,really grateful for the helpfull responses.I would be looking to print between 20-40 of each design when the time comes.And i would be looking for high quality prints with several colours,sometimes photographic quality.Hope this makes sense.Cheers.

Hi Alex

20-40 shirts photographic quality , either transfer or DTG would be best for you .
I will try and put you in touch with a local printers were abouts are you based ? at least then you can have a meeting face to face which would be better when you start out as i am sure you have many questions
my own clothing line....

...will be focusing mainly on high quality tee's and polo's.

You need to look at screen printing and DTG.
You can learn everything you need by just reading all the posts in the relevant sub forum and searching Google.

Hi again,many thanks for the helpfull responses.I am based on the essex suffolk border near the coast so anywhere in essex/suffolk/east anglia really would be great.Again thanks a lot for taking the time out to help.Will spend a bit of time looking through the threads now.

1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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