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Hi everyone! My first post on your great forum.

So I'm basically a classical artist- in other words a designer who works with physical materials only, in this case I'm an avid silkscreener t-shirt designer.

I've been creating product for years, selling a few things here and there locally, but am now ready to get my work out to the public at large. However I'm pretty much computer illiterate. At least I have a Mac laptop with CS2, along with a decent digital camera, but no real skills to use either.

Here's my dilema- A friend suggested I use the website Rouge Monk Workshop to promote my work to insiders in the business. So I go the their website in hopes of submitting some jpeg files I have of my works, but I soon find this complicated (to me) submission guideline:

Rogue Monk Design Guide

You must submit three images on your Design Entry Form.
First, create your artwork submission to the size it should be printed.
Your artwork must be a 300 dpi CMYK file on a transparent background saved as a tiff with LZW compression. Here are the settings for the tiff save window in Adobe Photoshop.

Second, create a small file showing placement of your artwork on a t-shirt. It must be 500 pixels high by 900 pixels wide and saved as an RGB jpeg, png or gif file. You may use our plain colored t-shirts to create this image, but you may choose another solution for showing placement. You are not required to use a background image behind the t-shirt, but you do want to make your submission as attractive as possible. This image is used for voting and is required on the Design Entry Form. You may download a template for this file by clicking here.
Placement Example:

RGB jpeg, png or gif file, 500 high by 900 pixels wide

Third, create a small file for displaying your design on various areas of the web site. It must be 640 pixels high by 500 pixels wide and saved as an RGB jpeg, png or gif file. The backround color should be the color of the t-shirt on which you would like to see your design printed. This image is required on the Design Entry Form.You may download a template for this file including t-shirt color options by clicking here.

Any help is greatly appreciated. I simply dont understand this stuff. Granted I opened up my CS2 Photoshop and tried, but could get nowhere.
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