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No matter what i google, i always end up to this forum, so i had to register.

About 75% of my comppanys income is from welding and other metal industry related jobs, and most of that income goes to vinyls, shirts, equipment and marketing my e-commerce store. :D

9 to 5, and other mainstream things has never been my thing. That could be the reason i am an entrepreneur. Also, my all computers runs on linux, and i like old and loud cars.

If i spell something really wrong, i will be happy if i am notified about it, since english is not my native language. :)

Oh yeah, the basic stuff... Im a male, and i feel like being 10 years younger than numbers says. I have doughters enough to get me in trouble. I live in a "do i really have to start that Ford Igloo at 5.30 AM"-country.
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