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Hi - I'm new but kind of not as I was on a year or so ago. I re-registered as I want to get more active as I've gotten more serious about driving our brand which today is all focused on t-shirts.

Our site is www.fuxkgear.com. Our brand is Fun Under Xtreme Konditions. Our marketing is a bit flexible right now. Some of our designs focus on FuXk - which is certainly edgy and some people like that! But some people don't and so we are also spending more time on Fun Under Xtreme Konditions.

Our core brand values are FUN and a Work Hard Play Hard mentality. The analogy I use is that Life Is Good is about Optimism. We are about FUN!

We just did our first major vend at a festival and it sucked but was good learning.

We are heavily focused on influencer marketing - getting our shirt so key people. We have a heavy focus on the rock music scene. In fact Eddie Trunk just wore a shirt during a town hall with Alice Cooper. Here's the link https://www.facebook.com/siriusxmvolume/videos/10155743731670929/

I was stoked. Look forward to sharing our experiences. Also I've found this forum to be an extremely useful resource as we try and build this.

Talk soon!

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