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I started creating t-shirt designs in our Super Graphics class (students create banners, door wraps, vehicle wraps on a 54" Roland) at our community college in northern California at the end of last semester.

My first purchase was from Bestblanks for two Epson 1400s, one for t-shirts and one for mugs, a mug press and a 16" heat press. Students love it, and we are are now starting to expand. I started a Phantom Art Gallery in our downtown during the summer and we are starting to sell student art t-shirts in the gallery.

I've just started looking at an Epson 7880 or 9880 with a bulk ink system. Got a quote today from jesseheap.com, but I am going to do more research.

I'll go through the past threads and see if there is any info on this company, but any help or comments are welcome.



Director of Design and Multimedia
Butte College
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