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Well I haven't actually made a completed shirt yet, still working out kinks with different "equipment"
Costs so far:
Photo emulsion- $18 (40% off with coupon at hobby lobby)
Screen 70inx48in- $3 (using a sheer curtain)
Frame ~$4 (using picture frames and embroidery hoops)
Ink- 5.40 (40% off coupon at hobby lobby)
Transparency film 50 ct- $13 online at Walmart
This is where I am having my problems so far, they are for laser (didn't realize there was a difference) and I have inkjet. Printed yesterday and ink isn't dry yet. So didn't know if anyone can half me out. I have a XP-400 printer. Can I bring my transparency film and a print out of my design and have Staples print it on my transparency film for me?

So far I have about $45 invested. I started because I am training for a marathon and I wanted and "in training 26.2" shirt but couldn't find anything I liked and on the type of shirt I wanted. I figure I will be able to sell them to some people so I will be able to recoup my costs pretty easily.

I am a pretty crafty person. I just did a little research on screen printing and figured it was something I would be able to do.
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