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Hello Everyone..:)
Obviously, Im new here..
Im planning to start up a printing business.. preferrably.. heat press..
I read and watch some blogs and forums.. Nakakaoverwhelm..
Is 50K enough for a good material and for start up?
All I have as of now is my PC and net..hehehehe:p
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im reading about silk screen..
now im more confused what to choose:confused:
Both - advantages to both heat press & screen printing. They also can work together on some projects.

Is it same quality for both?
depends on your project, graphics, type of material your printing on, & the look you want to get. Plus you can do things like screen print a shirt & then heat press foil to the image. All kinds of fun stuff! You can also heat press a shirt that has been screen printed to make the print smoother, stretch, last longer. Heat press vinyl images & so on....
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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