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Since you asked, here are some helpful suggestions:

I think the flash site is going to hurt your search engine positioning, and that will hurt your sales potential. I would suggest ditching the flash for the ecommerce/ordering stuff and getting a proper shopping cart that will allow you to accept paypal without those popup boxes and provide a more streamlined shopping process.

I would have picked a different name for my site if the .com wasn't available (or made a serious bid for the .com if I was stuck on the rudegear name).

You really need more information on the site to help get shoppers to buy:

- Company contact information (not just a yahoo email address)
- Sizing charts
- Company history
- Payment methods accepted
- Return policy

You'll probably want to fix the typos on the page. The first one I noticed was "want to stirrup controversy". Stir up should be two words.

You're in a saturated market there (offensive t-shirts), but it looks like you've got a pretty good start.

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my problem was that my site was being updated by a bunch of *** monkeys. I am having the site reupdated this week so it will look alot more clean. i am not good at making web pages so what if i made a sub page would that work?
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