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Hello !

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Hi Everyone I found this great community while googling for the idea to start my own t shirt business. I hope to benefit from all the experienced members here.
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Hey, sounds cool! I'm new myself, good luck with your business!
Hi. I'm No name. I'm just getting started with the t-shirt printing biz. I have some materials already but I do have some concerns. I hope by joining this community I could learn various tips on heat press t--shirt making. :)
I cant seem to be able to post in the General T-Shirt Discussion forum.

It says that a moderator has to approve it first but its been more than 8 hours nors now :(

any idea how long it takes?
welcome, from Western Michigan, been in the biz for over 38 years have made a good living, hope you will to
My post is still not approved by a mod :( and I didnt get any message either saying that its rejected or something. How long does this take ?
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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