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Just wanted to say hello to this forum. I am new to the tee shirt business.

I have a used Hix 400 heat press and a new Epson 1400 ink jet printer. My problems so far have been with the heat transfer paper.

I started out with 3 types of paper for white shirts purchased from Alpha Supply. Their Double Green and Purple did not press well at all. All kinds of sticking problems. Would not peel well.

I then tried their Jetpro Soft Stretch which worked well on the first trial, but stuck to my heat press platen on the second go round. Same settings.

Only the Jetpro washed well with no cracking.

Upon the recommendations I've read on this forum, I am now going to try New Milford.
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Welcome to the forum. Are you saying that the JetPro stuck to the heating element and it was applied on the correct side? That is extremely unusual.
Hi Ed, Yes it stuck to the top platen, and yes I had the image towards the shirt, not the platen. I did not think that could happen. Since that episode, I bought a teflon pad. Better to replace the pad than the platen.

Thanks for your response.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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