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Hello everyone,

Quick introduction from me. My name is Cris and I'm a team member at DecoNetwork an e-commerce solution for print and embroidery businesses. I'm here to join the discussion!

A brief history of my t-shirt/professional background...

I took a graphics/printing class in high school where I learned screen printing and picked up some Photoshop/Illustrator skills.

After high school I took a job as a manual screen print press operator at a local shop. Before this, I was doing just one offs or small runs but this job had me doing huge (thousands of shirts) orders! I picked up some good experience from it!

My career shifted and I switched to a production graphics job where I did pre-press for a screen printing equipment/decoration company. I would prepare artwork for screens and plates that we supplied as part of ongoing services to customers who purchased machinery.

My next move landed me at DecoNetwork where I've been now for the past few years. I am part of the client services team and I provide support for our licensees making sure they get the most benefit our of our solution.

Anyway, thanks for stopping by. I look forward to joining the discussions.

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